Hardly getting over it

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Well seeing the incredible Bob Mould perform live at Troubadour is certainly reason enough for a new posting. After all, his 80’s band Hüsker Dü performed the Byrds cover inspiring the title of this blog, and is widely considered as a major progenitor of indie rock, influencing the likes of Green Day, Foo Fighters and the Pixies.

His band didn’t play “8 Miles High” but surprisingly performed several old Hüskers favorites including “New Day Rising”, “I Apologize”, “Makes No Sense At All” and of course “Hardly Getting Over It.”

Really looking forward to the release of his memoirs in 2010 “Life and Times”, with support from Michael Azerrad whose “This Band Could Be Your Life” stands as one of the definitive chronicles of the American hardcore/post-punk era.

Here’s a shot from the gig, sorry for the image quality but I was too busy dancing and wigging out-



2 thoughts on “Hardly getting over it

    Andy Laken said:
    October 21, 2009 at 4:49 am

    Bob has been one of my favorites for years, didn’t know you were a fan! I never saw the Huskers back in the ’80s (kicks self) but I followed his solo career closely and saw him every time he came to Baltimore in the early-to-mid ’90s. When he moved to DC in the late 90s saw him several times.

    I’d say you had a treat!

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