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DMZ is not only for network security

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I find it more than ironic that my professional duties as a network architect and engineer regularly involve designs with a “DMZ” to present externally-facing hosts in a segregated zone apart from internal hosts.

After all, my stage name is “DMZ,” referring to the actual De-Militarized Zone separating South and North Korea. I launched a musical project “DMZ//38” several years ago partly to draw attention to the state of the current divided Korean Peninsula.

Yes, I have visited the actual DMZ.

I wish I had more time and energy for this project, on the other hand I have a loving family and solid career which take precedence these days.

Having said that, I am glad to announce that the Kickstarter project for reissue of the DMZ//38 album “No Man’s Land” is now open-

I’ve never reissued a record before, and think it’s probably a good sign somebody out there is listening if I’ve run out of CD’s.
Here’s a preview of the new cover-
For more info, take a look at this short video , or visit the DMZ//38 website.
Thanks for allowing this brief diversion from cloud and IT infrastructure.
Next post I promise to discuss recent fun explorations with OpenStack.

New Music Workstation

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I finally have my new studio workstation completed and running…took most of the summer (and fall) obtaining the components:

The performance is incredible, web pages jump off the screen and wakes from Sleep in less than 2 seconds. Importantly, the entire workstation is whisper quiet, I can barely tell when it’s powered on, and apparently is rated at < 20 dBA . The Intel 320 is my first SSD drive, and I’ve been suitably impressed with its speed.