Clouds can’t lift you away from Infrastructure

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Despite demonstrated examples of migrating entire applications within a cloud, the reality is that most organizations are still unprepared for the required infrastructure and network to support this level of dynamic architecture. More importantly, there are compelling reasons to consider before shifting an application to a cloud-based provider. I’ve met developers whose lack of understanding of infrastructure – and reluctance to spend – has led them towards seeing the cloud as a silver bullet, but as Greg Ness has stated, bluntly, this may be an “escapist fantasy.”

Size is a critical factor in determining an organization’s ability to utilize the cloud, but needs to be balanced with business objectives and depth of IT resources. While tech-based startups and enterprises may be ripe for cloud-based services, especially a hybrid approach for the enterprise, small businesses might not be appropriate candidates. Applications such as accounting and financial systems, HR, development servers. and Exchange/Sharepoint are likely better served locally for small and some medium-sized businesses, due to reasons of security, auditing and performance.

Don’t close up that Data Center yet.