HTC Droid Incredible

HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon (no Nexus One)

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Happy to report that I will be upgrading to an HTC Droid Incredible in the very near future. I had been waiting months for the Android-based Google Nexus One to arrive on Verizon, since I’m also planning to move off T-Mobile. Both models sport similar features, performance, and form factor in addition to running on the much-touted open-source Android 2.1 OS, but several reviews including CNET have given the edge to the HTC Droid Incredible. I’m especially excited about the 8 megapixel digital camera, 802.11n for wi-fi up to 108 mbps (optimal), and the 8 GB of internal memory.

Here is a useful first look at the Droid Incredible courtesy of ZDNet-

But the final straw in favor of DI over Nexus One was the somewhat surprising recent news that Google will not be releasing Nexus One on Verizon at all, after much teasing about a Spring release date.

Will need to get to the store soon after reports that the smartphone is already sold out at Bay Area Verizon Wireless retailers!