Just a Plug

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I’ve known about but shied away from powerline-based adapters in the past. Working in data centers on a routine basis, I’m used to CAT5/6 whenever possible, and wireless second. Having just moved into a new house with enough free space in the garage for a lab setup, I wanted to extend my network without playing the roll-your-own cable game, and stressing my knees while drilling holes, so I decided to test out the ZyXEL HomePlug Powerline adapter.

Have to say that I was impressed at how simple setup was, just connect one adapter w/LAN cable into my core switch, install the other adapter into outlet in the garage and was online in no time. There is an encryption feature too, though I probably won’t be using it. The marketed speed is 200 Mbps which I have not yet tested, however speed tests through my ISP (Verizon FiOS) to the Internet were comparable to wired connections.